Painting Tips for Your Interior Walls According to the Experts

Are you preparing for a major DIY painting project? Painting your house is a bold job to do, and if you lack experience with this kind of painting your interior at full scale, it could be challenging to know where to begin. We will be providing you a few fundamental prepping tips that would enable you to prevent messes and mistakes as you speed up your painting project.

Prepare your walls and space

Initially, you need to guarantee that your surfaces and walls are prepared. To access the surface easily, you need to move all the things out of the way. Then, clean up the surface and ensure that there’s no cobwebs or dirt. If there are stains or dark marks, scrub them away. Next, repair any issues that the surface might have including filling in holes or cracks and sanding the fillings down.

Utilize high-quality equipment

To prepare, you have to purchase the appropriate tools for the project, like paint scrapers, protective gear, buckets, rollers, painting tapes, and a few additional paper towels to tidy up paint excess if needed.

Know what nap to use

As you buy your paint rollers, you will immediately see that there are some various choices you can choose from, particularly longer or shorter “naps. In general, shorter naps would be great if you have smooth interior surfaces. Otherwise, choose longer naps if you want to paint on an un-sanded wood or a surface with a rough texture.

Secure your furniture

Expect that paint will be everywhere as you do your project, which includes the areas you do not want to be painted. It is recommended to protect your furniture by using some blankets or cheap plastic sheets that can cover your tables and furniture. You must also cover your television.

Remove outlet covers and light switches

You should always remember this important step. Never attempt to paint near these parts since they are usually too slim and you’ll have a hard time painting them effectively even with a small brush. The best thing to do is to get your screwdriver and remove them. With this, you can quickly paint all over the holes. This can help you save some of your time.

Begin with primer

Primer is vital to make sure that your paint will properly adhere. Also, it can assist you in covering up flaws easily without the need to paint another layer.

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